Jand Passenger Express Train Timing Fare & Online Booking 2024

Check the online Jand Passenger Express Train Timing from here. Pakistan’s Jand Passenger Express is a well-liked train service that runs between Kohat, a city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Lahore, the cultural center of Punjab. The town of Jand, which is located between Lahore and Kohat, is the inspiration for the name of the railroad line. Because of its accessibility, convenience, and on-time services, Jand Passenger Express has grown to be a popular choice for both locals and tourists since its introduction in 2012.

Jand Passenger Express Train Timing

Daily service is provided by the Jand Passenger Express, which departs Lahore at 7:50 AM and arrives in Kohat at 6:45 PM. Returning from Kohat, the train departs at 6:00 AM and arrives in Lahore at 4:15 PM. Jand Passenger Express It stops at 18 different stations over its approximately 11-hour route.

The train starts its journey from Attock City Junction at 11:00 AM. The train reached Domel railway station at noon. The train stops for a minute at Domel railway station. After two minutes of stay at Domel station the train again starts its journey towards Jand. The train reached its destination at Jand railway station at 12:40 PM.

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
4BASAL JN.11:5011:51
7CHUR SHARIF (HALT)12:1912:20
9JAND JN12:40

203UP Popular Stops on the Jand Passenger Route:

The Jand Passenger Express makes stops at several stations throughout its journey, giving travelers the chance to experience other towns and cities. Popular stops along the route of the Jand Passenger Express include:

Sr. #Station NameArrivalDeparture
1JAND JN13:00
3CHUR SHARIF (HALT)13:1513:16
6BASAL JN.13:4713:48


The Jand Passenger Express provides travelers with a range of lodging choices, including AC sleeper and economy class. The class and distance of travel affect the cost of the tickets for these accommodations. Economy class is typically the least expensive option, while AC sleeper is the most expensive.

Jand Passenger Express Train Timing Fare & Online Booking 2024


Between Lahore and Kohat, the Jand Passenger Express is a well-liked railway route that provides an inexpensive, costly, and practical mode of transportation. For anyone traveling to Pakistan, the Jand Passenger Express is a must-try train route because of its beautiful scenery, interesting stops, and on-time services. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Jand Passenger Express will give you a journey you won’t soon forget.

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