Israel Railway buys Rail Vision AI-based systems to boost train safety

Israel Railways and Rail Vision have agreed to a $1.4 million deal for the purchase of 10 Rail Vision Main Line Systems and associated services.

The Main Line System uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify obstacles including people, animals, and cars that are close to, between, or on the railway.

The system sends the train’s command and control center real-time visual and aural notifications in order to prevent collisions.

This is supposed to increase traffic volume while decreasing downtime and delays.

Israel Railways chose Rail Vision’s Main Line System as the solution for its fleet after evaluating a number of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for more than a year. This represents the first significant commercial deployment of AI-based vision technology for main-line rail industry operations.

“During the proof-of-concept with Israel Railways, our Main Line System outperformed in every test. We consider this to be a powerful endorsement of our approach and incredibly encouraging for other pilot programs currently in development, including our long-term pilot in Australia with Rio Tinto, a major international mining corporation, as well as additional prospects throughout the world.

Israel Railways, the country’s main railroad operator, runs close to 700 trains every day.

The nation’s major metropolitan regions, cities, towns, and rural villages are connected by trains as they travel along more than 1,000km of track.

“Our game-changing technology enables unrivaled obstacle recognition on and near tracks using advanced, long-range A.I. detection systems, making it an excellent solution for large rail operators like Israel Railways and a significant driver behind strategic alliances,” Hania continued.

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