Core Dao Price 8 February 2023

We now have a clear date for Core DAO to airdrop CORE to qualified miners after two weeks of anticipation.
The $CORE airdrop will take place on February 8, 2023, and Core DAO announced this wonderful news on 2023-1-31. Now that the countdown has begun, there are only 8 days before the airdrop! Coming soon: more information.

Users of the Core network will receive 525,600,000 CORE through the airdrop, or 25.029% of the total (hard-capped) CORE token supply, as per the initial distribution of CORE tokens.

The airdrop’s recipients are eligible Satoshi App users who have mined in-app rewards. The CORE will be given to these qualified Satoshi App users as one of the rewards for their successful in-app mining operations.

25% of the total amount of CORE tokens to be airdropped will be made available to users at the start of the airdrop, with the remaining 75% scheduled to be unlocked monthly over the course of two years, as stated in Mainnet is Life. When the first 25% of tokens are airdropped or unlocked, the two-year period starts. With locked CORE tokens, network support for operations like sending, receiving, or dealing with smart contracts for tasks like staking will not be possible.

Core DAO Distribution Efficacy

Decentralized smart contracts that are enforced solely by code will carry out the airdrop. In designing and auditing these smart contracts, the priority is user safety via decentralization and comprehensive security checks. Therefore, many of the most respected people in the blockchain community should give auditing the security of the code their undivided attention. The airdrop could take up to 60 days to start because security and decentralization are prioritized over speed.

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