Islamabad Airport outsourcing finalized

According to reliable sources on Tuesday, the finalization of the outsourcing plan for Islamabad International Airport has taken place.

Based on the provided information, it has been determined that the airport is set to undergo a process of outsourcing for a duration of 15 years. This arrangement entails the receipt of a non-refundable advance payment amounting to $100 million, which serves as a safeguard against any potential breaches committed by a third party.

According to additional sources, the third party will retain responsibility for administrative matters, financial affairs, design, and construction. Permission will be granted to a third party to undertake the construction of shopping malls and brand shops within the airport premises.

In accordance with the established agreement, the third party shall retain responsibility for service costs, exchange rates, and the rental fees associated with the shops.

According to reports, the responsibility for customs, site security, and immigration services would continue to be under the jurisdiction of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The Aircraft Owners and Operators Association of Pakistan (PAOOA) expressed opposition to the coalition government’s proposal to outsource the country’s major airports without adhering to the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) regulations.

The group issued a statement expressing its disapproval of the government’s choice to provide contracts to the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the World Bank (WB) for the purpose of outsourcing three airports.

The government has maintained secrecy regarding the entire process of outsourcing major airports, which has raised concerns about its credibility and integrity.

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