Hazara Express accident Pakistan Railway suspends six officials

Following the occurrence of the Hazara Express accident, Pakistan Railways promptly responded by implementing the suspension of six personnel who were thought to be involved.

According to reports, this strategic action is intended to promote accountability and maintain safety standards throughout the organization.

Following the identification of alleged negligence by these personnel as a probable contributing factor in the sad tragedy, the railway authorities promptly implemented suspensions.

The initial results suggest that deficiencies in the performance of their responsibilities might have had a role in the occurrence of the accident.

Included in the group of individuals who have been suspended are two officers holding a rank of grade 18, as well as one officer holding a rank of grade 17. The roster of suspensions encompasses several individuals in various positions within the engineering and power sectors. These include Hafiz Badr ul Arfeen, a Divisional Executive Engineer stationed in Sukkur, an Assistant Executive Engineer based in Nawabshah, a Power Controller operating in Kotri named Bashir Ahmed, Atif Ashfaq, who serves at the Karachi Diesel Workshop, Arif, a permanent inspector hailing from Shahdadpur, and lastly, Ghulam Muhammad, a gangman implicated in rigging activities.

It is important to note that a tragic incident occurred on Sunday, resulting in the loss of at least 30 lives and causing injuries to 70 individuals. Witnesses and law enforcement officials reported that this unfortunate event took place when 11 carriages of the Hazara Express derailed near Sarhari Railway Station, situated between Shahzadpur and Nawabshah.

The locomotive was en route from Karachi to Rawalpindi when a minimum of 11 of its carriages experienced derailment.

The passenger train was transporting a substantial number of passengers. Rescue operations were initiated by both local individuals and passengers, who actively engaged in extracting the stranded passengers from the wreckage of the derailed bogies.

A state of emergency was officially announced in the hospitals located in close proximity, concurrent with the ongoing rescue operation. The injured individuals are being transferred to People’s Medical Hospital Nawabshah.

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