69% work of Bangabandhu Railway bridge completed

The largest railway bridge in the nation, the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Railway Bridge (BSMRB) over the Jamuna River, has currently had about 69% of its construction work finished.

The persistent efforts of local and foreign employees have allowed 68.79 percent of the railway bridge to be seen.

BSMRB Project Director (PD) Al Fattah Md Masudur Rahman stated on Tuesday, August 8, that both local and foreign engineers and workers are putting in nonstop effort day and night to finish the bridge’s construction. Modern rails made in Japan are being installed on each of the bridge’s spans. As a result, trains can travel across the bridge at a speed of 120 kph. The building project should be finished on schedule.

50 pillars and 49 spans will be installed, according to Rabiul Alam, the project’s sub-structural engineer. Each span is one hundred meters long. 31 pillars and 22 spans have already been put in place.

7,360 authorities and workers are reportedly trying to finish the project quickly, according to Tanvirul Islam, the project’s head engineer.

The 4.8km-long Bangabandhu rail bridge project is being built more than 300 meters north of the Jamuna.

By August 2024, the project should be finished.

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