Green Line Train Timing Karachi To Lahore Ticket Price

Here in this article, all the details related to Green Line Train Timing Karachi To Lahore and Ticket Prices are available. Making the journey from Karachi to Lahore has become extremely easy and comfortable thanks to the Green Line Train. This transportation option caters to various preferences, making it suitable for both budget-conscious individuals and those in search of a more luxurious experience. The train provides different classes, allowing passengers to choose based on their specific needs and desires. Whether you prioritize affordability or prefer a premium travel experience, the Green Line Train has options to accommodate your travel style.

In this written piece, we’ll take a closer look at the schedules of trains and the costs of tickets for various classes, aiming to simplify the process of planning your journey without any difficulties.

Green Line Train Timing Karachi To Lahore

  1. Economy Class:
    • Ticket Price: 4550/-
  2. A.C Business Class:
    • Ticket Price: 11450/-
  3. A.C Standard Class:
    • Ticket Price: 9150/-
  4. Parlor Car:
    • Ticket Price: 10300/-

With a variety of classes to choose from, the Green Line Train ensures that passengers can select a travel option that aligns with their budget and preferences.

Karachi to Ghotki Train Timing

Green Line Train Timings:

Here is a detailed schedule of the Green Line Train from Karachi to Lahore, including arrival and departure times at each station:

  1. Karachi Cantt:
    • Departure: 22:00
  2. Hyderabad Jn:
    • Arrival: 00:10
    • Departure: 00:15
  3. Rohri Jn:
    • Arrival: 04:25
    • Departure: 04:45
  4. Bahawalpur:
    • Arrival: 09:00
    • Departure: 09:02
  5. Khanewal Jn:
    • Arrival: 10:30
    • Departure: 10:50
  6. Lahore Jn:
    • Arrival: 14:15

The Green Line Train ensures timely departures and arrivals, allowing passengers to plan their schedules effectively.

Green Line Train Timing Karachi To Lahore Ticket Price


The Green Line Train from Karachi to Lahore is the ideal choice for travelers seeking affordability, comfort, and punctuality. With various ticket options and a well-maintained schedule, the Green Line Train makes the journey between these two major cities a seamless and enjoyable experience. Book your tickets today for a hassle-free and memorable trip.


  1. What are the ticket prices for the Green Line Train?
    • The ticket prices vary based on the class: Economy, A.C Business, A.C Standard, and Parlor Car.
  2. What time does the Green Line Train depart from Karachi?
    • The Green Line Train departs from Karachi Cantt at 22:00.
  3. How can I choose my preferred class for the journey?
    • When booking, you can select from different classes like Economy, A.C Business, A.C Standard, or Parlor Car based on your preferences.

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