GP Fund Subscription Rates AJK 2022 Updated

Regarding the Revised GP Fund Subscription Rates AJK 2022, the Finance Department of AJK published a Notification on September 27, 2022. Due to the AJK Revised Pay Scales 2022, the Azad Jammu and Kashmir government enforced these new rates.

GP Fund Subscription Rates AJK 2022 Updated New Revisions

The government of AJ&K decided to revise the rates of subscription towards the General Provident Fund as shown in the following table as a result of the revision of basic pay scales for the civil employees of AJ&K Government circulated OM. I am directed to refer to this Department Office Memorandum dated 08-08-2017 on the subject cited above:

Table of General Provident Fund Subscription Rates 2021-22 AJ&K

Sr. No BPS Revised Monthly Subscription Rates
1 BPS-01 Rs. 500/-
2 BPS-02 Rs. 1,060/-
3 BPS-03 Rs. 1,150/-
4 BPS-04 Rs. 1,230/-
5 BPS-05 Rs. 1,330/-
6 BPS-06 Rs. 1,420/-
7 BPS-07 Rs. 1,500/-
8 BPS-08 Rs. 1,600/-
9 BPS-09 Rs. 1,700/-
10 BPS-10 Rs. 1,800/-
11 BPS-11 Rs. 1,920/-
12 BPS-12 Rs. 3,300/-
13 BPS-13 Rs. 3,570/-
14 BPS-14 Rs. 3,900/-
15 BPS-15 Rs. 4,290/-
16 BPS-16 Rs. 4,980/-
17 BPS-17 Rs. 6,350/-
18 BPS-18 Rs. 7,960/-
19 BPS-19 Rs. 10,660/-
20 BPS-20 Rs. 11,950/-
21 BPS-21 Rs. 13,260/-
22 BPS-22 Rs. 14,660/-

Initially Deducted Month

The revised prices go into effect on September 1, 2022. The revised rates of GP Fund deductions will be applied to employee pay beginning on October 1, 2022.

New Subscription Method

The initial basic pay and the final level of the relevant pay scale are used to calculate the average basic pay. It is multiplied by 3% for BPS-01, 5% for BPS-02 to 11, and 8% for BPS-12 to 22 after obtaining the average basic wage.

Sr. No Basic Pay Scales (BPS) Subscription
1 BS-01 3% of Average Basic Pay
2 BS-02 to BS-11 5% of Average Basic Pay
3 BS-12 to BS-22 8% of Average Basic Pay

GP Fund Subscription Rates AJK 2022 Updated


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