Freezing Allowances Admissible on Running Basic Pay Gilgit Baltistan

On July 14, 2023, the Government of Gilgit Baltistan published a notification regarding the freezing of allowances permissible for running basic pay in GB. The specifics are as follows:

Gilgit Baltistan’s government instructs the finance division to freeze all allowances that are permitted with running basic pay. All GB Government personnel are subject to this regulation. This regulation applies to all employees who provide services to government agencies.

The Gilgit Baltistan Governor’s Administration Following GB assembly approval, any allowances that are equal to or more than the current basic pay grades will be frozen. These are acceptable for all workers. It is paid out of the Pakistan Consolidated Fund Account. All of these allowances will be frozen by the finance department beginning on July 1st, 2023, under the British government’s directive.

All relevant authorities get letters pertaining to this rule in order to implement it.

Stoppage of Allowances Admissible on Running Basic Pay

Gilgit Baltistan is discussed, and the finance department discontinues all allowances. It won’t offer any subsidies to all GB government employees who are paid on a running basis. The allowance is equal to 100% or more of the running basic pay rates that all employees are eligible for. Following their agreement to evaluate the budget’s availability, the finance department concurs.

All employees employed by the GB government’s public departments are eligible to receive these allowances on top of their running basic pay, per the notification. This regulation applies to every regular employee, including contract workers. Finance shall abide by the government’s de-freezing policy decisions.

Freezing Allowances Admissible on Running Basic Pay Gilgit Baltistan

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