Delhi Metro Awards Rupees 236.25 Crore Contract to China’s KTK Group for PSD

KTK Group Co. Ltd., a business headquartered in China, has been awarded a contract valued at Rs. 236.25 crore by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). The deal entails the installation of Platform Screen Doors on three lines of the Delhi Metro’s Phase 4 project.

The scope of the project encompasses the design, production, delivery, installation, testing, and activation of the Half-height platform gate system and the Full height platform screen door system for the Mukundpur to Maujpur, Aerocity to Tughlakabad, and Janakpuri west to R.K. Ashram Marg corridors within Phase-4 of the Delhi Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS).

The present undertaking constitutes a substantial component of the continuing development of Phase 4 in Delhi. This phase encompasses the establishment of a new Silver Line spanning 23.62 kilometres from Aerocity to Tughlakabad, alongside expansions to the Magenta Line, spanning 28.92 kilometres from Janakpuri West to R.K.Ashram, and the Pink Line, spanning 12.58 kilometres from Mukundpur to Maujpur.

The implementation of Half-height Platform Gate Systems will be conducted at a total of 27 elevated stations, encompassing all three lines. In the interim, it is worth noting that a total of 18 subterranean stations situated along the Silver and Magenta lines are scheduled to undergo the installation of Full-height Platform Screen Doors (PSDs). The aggregate contract value amounts to roughly INR 74,24,79,000 in addition to USD 1,96,32,000.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) issued a tender for the contract (Package DS-08) in September 2022, with a time frame of 1095 days (equivalent to 3 years) for completion. Following the technical evaluations conducted in December 2022, four bidders were identified. However, it is worth noting that out of all the enterprises that participated, only two, namely KTK Group Co. and Nanjing Kangnin Mechanical & Electrical Co., were able to fulfil the tender terms. In July 2023, the financial offers of two corporations, namely KTK Group and Nanjing Kangni, were disclosed. KTK Group emerged as the lowest bidder, narrowly surpassing Nanjing Kangni.

The primary objective of implementing Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) is to augment safety measures by mitigating the occurrence of accidents and suicides that are associated with passenger movement on train platforms. Furthermore, their implementation will result in a reduction of maintenance expenses in underground stations for the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). By enhancing the station environment, these doors will result in reduced costs for air-conditioning and ventilation.

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