Bahawalpur To Quetta Train Timing & Train Ticket Price 2024

Here in this post, all the details related to Bahawalpur To Quetta Train Timing as well as Train Ticket Price 2024 are available. If you’re thinking of traveling from Bahawalpur to Quetta, the train journey is both comfy and scenic, offering a peek into Pakistan’s diverse scenery. To help you plan your trip smoothly, we’re sharing details on train timings and ticket prices for the two main trains on this route: Akbar Express and Jaffar Express.

Bahawalpur To Quetta Train Timing

  1. Akbar Express:
    • Departure Time: 12:20 AM
    • Arrival Time in Quetta: 5:45 PM
  2. Jaffar Express:
    • Departure Time: 9:50 PM
    • Arrival Time in Quetta: 1:50 PM

These trains offer a variety of departure times, allowing passengers to choose a schedule that suits their preferences and travel plans.

Train Ticket Prices 2024

Here are the ticket prices for different classes on Akbar Express and Jaffar Express:

Akbar Express:

  • Economy Seat: Rs. 2450/-
  • Economy Berth: Rs. 2550/-
  • A.C Business: Rs. 5550/-
  • A.C Standard: Rs. 4250/-
  • A.C Sleeper (Non-AC): Not Available

Jaffar Express:

  • Economy Seat: Rs. 2350/-
  • Economy Berth: Rs. 2450/-
  • A.C Business: Rs. 5600/-
  • A.C Standard: Rs. 4150/-
  • A.C Sleeper: Rs. 7700/-

Passengers can choose the class that best fits their budget and comfort preferences. The availability of various classes ensures that there are options for both economical and luxurious travel experiences.

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Bahawalpur To Quetta Train Timing & Train Ticket Price 2024


Knowing the train timings and ticket prices for the Bahawalpur to Quetta route is essential for anyone planning to undertake this journey. Whether one prefers the faster Akbar Express or the evening departure of Jaffar Express, passengers can select the option that aligns with their schedules and preferences. With a range of ticket prices, individuals can find the class that suits both their comfort needs and budget constraints. Travelers are encouraged to check the latest schedules and prices, as they may be subject to change. Overall, the train journey from Bahawalpur to Quetta promises a delightful experience through the scenic landscapes of Pakistan.


  1. What are the departure and arrival times for Akbar Express from Bahawalpur to Quetta?
    • Akbar Express departs at 12:20 AM and arrives in Quetta at 5:45 PM.
  2. When does Jaffar Express leave Bahawalpur for Quetta?
    • Jaffar Express departs at 9:50 PM and reaches Quetta by 1:50 PM.
  3. How much does an economy seat ticket cost for Akbar Express?
    • An economy seat on Akbar Express costs Rs. 2450/-.
  4. What is the ticket price for A.C. Sleeper on Jaffar Express?
    • A.C. Sleeper on Jaffar Express is priced at Rs. 7700/-.

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