YouTube Premium and Music Now Available in Pakistan for Just Rupees 150

The introduction of YouTube Premium in Pakistan has been announced by YouTube. This is a subscription-based service that enhances the viewing experience by providing ad-free, offline, and downloadable playback options. YouTube Music is a music streaming application that consolidates your entire YouTube music library into a single platform, enabling users to access and listen to their music collection.

Furthermore, YouTube Premium now offers the capability to download videos directly to your device for offline viewing. Subscribing to the Premium service also grants access to YouTube songs, which offers the added feature of saving songs directly into your local storage.

YouTube Premium is available for a subscription fee starting at Rs. 479 and includes access to YouTube Music Premium, as previously mentioned. Individuals also have the option to subscribe to the Superior Family Plan, which is available for Rs. 899. This plan allows subscribers to share their Premium membership with up to five additional individuals. YouTube Music Premium can be accessed individually at a cost of Rs. 299. The Music Premium Family Plan can be accessed starting at a price of Rs. 479.

Special discounts are provided to students. The Premium Packages Plan, priced at Rs. 329, and the Music Premium Understudy Plan, priced at Rs. 149, can be acquired through online platforms and the Android operating system. In order to become a competent understudy, it is necessary to:

I aspire to be chosen as an understudy at a prestigious educational institution that offers opportunities for YouTube-based understudy capabilities.

The proposition is that the advanced education establishment should receive funding from SheerID. The selection of the organization’s qualifications is determined by the SheerID program.
Further insights regarding the qualifications of students can be obtained from this source. In comparison to India, the price of YouTube Premium is relatively higher. Specifically, the cost of YouTube Premium in India amounts to 114 Indian Rupees.

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