YouTube 1080p Premium Video Quality is Now Available on PC

The recently introduced 1080p videos with increased bitrate on YouTube are now accessible to all desktop users who have a Premium subscription. The initial implementation of this feature occurred in April, subsequent to a public trial, exclusively on iOS devices.

The option for “Enhanced bitrate” remains visible on a range of YouTube videos, irrespective of whether the user has subscribed to YouTube Premium or not. The aforementioned feature is accessible through the “1080p Premium” selection. As expected, selecting this option prompts the user to make a payment for the Premium service. Moreover, it is worth noting that this activity can now be performed in Pakistan as well.

Fortunately, individuals who do not possess a subscription to YouTube Premium are still able to utilize the basic video quality of 1080p. Nonetheless, YouTube provides an assurance that opting to make a purchase will result in videos that exhibit enhanced clarity and sharpness, particularly for videos with intricate details and dynamic motion.

While the improved bitrate feature is presently unavailable for Android users, it is being gradually introduced to other devices like as televisions and gaming consoles. Nevertheless, the emergence of this feature was observed among a limited cohort of users in June, suggesting that the Android release is expected to occur in the near future.

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