Uzbekistan Afghanistan Pakistan Railway Project Is Anchor For Regional Peace: Uzbek Envoy

Aybek Arif Usmanov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Pakistan on Friday stated that Uzbekistan Afghanistan Pakistan’s trilateral railway undertaking will quickly be materialized, for this reason making nearby re-connectivity possible.

(TTA) The Transit Trade Agreement among Pakistan and Uzbekistan will permit the nearby international locations to enlarge their change and transit horizons. Over the beyond 30 years, Pakistan and Uzbekistan have varied family members and made a large contribution closer to nearby peace and stability.

Ambassador made those feedback in the course of the roundtable at the 30 Years of Pakistan and Uzbekistan Diplomatic family members and chairmanship of Uzbekistan in SCO hosted via way of means of the Centre for Central Asia and Eurasian Studies-Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies in collaboration with Embassy of Uzbekistan to Pakistan and Riphah Institute of Public Policy which is the Riphah International University.

Both international locations have advanced more potent and deeper ties in change and economics, health, protection, agriculture, and information technology. The cooperation among the 2 international locations is constructing in addition with every passing day. There are developing investments from every other’s aspects in which humans-to-humans ties had been varied.

There is ever near and deeper cooperation in economic, political and protection fields, he added.

Speaking from Tashkent, Kabuljon Sabirov, The Director, SCO Centre for Public Diplomacy in Uzbekistan, highlighted how sturdy humans-to-humans ties are constructing among Pakistan and Uzbekistan, particularly at the extent of SCO. Dr. Amna Mehmood, Professor of the Department of politics and IR at International Islamic University, stated that it is must for both the countries, Pakistan and Uzbekistan to work for peace in Afghanistan.

Earlier, in her commencing feedback, Farhat Asif, President, Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, highlighted the importance of thirty years of Pakistan-Uzbekistan family members and approximately chairmanship of Uzbekistan in SCO in which they has made large contributions via way of means of web website hosting ratings of occasions of varied nature. Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro, President of ECO Science Foundation, highlighted the substantial cooperation in technological know-how and technology and emphasized human improvement whilst discussing cooperation to cooperate for adolescent’s engagement effectively.

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