UAE’s first female train captain drives the Etihad Rail

Etihad Rail celebrates the remarkable efforts of women who have made significant contributions to the railway industry as the UAE observes Emirati Women’s Day.

Sara Al Mazrouei, the first Emirati woman to captain a train, is one of the shining examples whose success story epitomizes the goals of Emirati women.

Her journey from the Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institute to earning a diploma in trains is an example of the Emirati women’s dedication to succeeding in fields that have historically been controlled by men.

Al Mazrouei spoke to Wam about the honor she felt after becoming the first Emirati woman to captain a train, highlighting the possibilities and support given by the Union Railway Company.

In line with government orders to promote Emirati contributions across industries, she emphasized the company’s commitment to developing local talent and expanding their footprint in the market.

Etihad Rail develops talent through varied training, working with international experts as well as employees within the organization.

As the business uses a “shifts” system to ensure that international safety requirements are fulfilled, flexibility, she said, contributed to her success by helping her strike a balance between work and personal life.

Al Mazrouei enjoined Emirati women to fervently pursue knowledge in all fields, adding, “I encourage Emirati women to achieve success in all sectors, as they possess the competence, support, and assistance to reach their goals and fulfill their aspirations.”

A three-year diploma program with Abu Dhabi Institute was introduced by Etihad Rail in 2017.

The initiative improves job opportunities and skill sets for Emirati employees by providing training in railway engineering and transportation management.

The UAE’s national railway network can be expanded, and freight train operations can begin, which will improve the nation’s infrastructure, trade, and transportation.

Over a 50-year period, the national railroad network offers economic potential by reducing travel and accident expenses, generating economic gains, and reducing the need for road maintenance.

Additionally, it enhances communication, links rural areas to cities, and intends to cut carbon emissions by 21% by 2050.

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