Train Operation From Lahore Resumes After 41 Days

The Managing Director of railway has taken the notice to start more number of train with the new ones in the winter schedule.

The train travelers who were stuck from a number of weeks because of the problems of train service are now started to going to their homes.

The passengers filed a notice related to the increase in ticket prices and also ask the Railway Department to take a notice of this increase and try to stop this.

According to the sources, it is found that the Pakistan Railway is going to restart their services between Karachi and Lahore as the flood water is now starting to reduce.

Karakoram Express is the first train among the three who started their journey from Lahore Station according to the schedule.

Pak Business Express is the second train that travel from Lahore through Faisalabad route, and Karachi Express is the third train that travel from Lahore through Sahiwal route.

The authorities of Railway decided to start more trains with new in their winter schedule.

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