Suzuki Carry Daba Price in Pakistan August 2023

The Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba is now being offered for sale in Pakistan during the month of August 2023, with a price range spanning from PKR 1,940,000 to PKR 1,944,000. The Suzuki Carry Daba is widely recognised for its reputation of being dependable and cost-effective, making it a favoured option among small enterprises and for meeting transportation requirements within the nation.

A Trusted Workhorse for Decades

The Suzuki Carry Daba, sometimes referred to as the Suzuki Bolan, has had significant popularity in Pakistan over an extended period of time. The introduction of this compact vehicle occurred during the early 1980s and promptly garnered favorability owing to its utilitarian design, commendable fuel efficiency, and economical maintenance expenses. Over the course of its existence, this entity has garnered a notable standing as a robust and reliable entity, capable of efficiently accommodating both individuals and goods.

Design and Features

The Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba 2023 features a practical yet reliable design specifically tailored to meet the requirements of commercial operations, particularly in the fields of transportation and logistics. The compact dimensions and exceptional manoeuvrability of this vehicle render it highly suitable for traversing narrow urban roads and congested traffic, therefore making it an optimal option for urban transit.

Internally, the vehicle provides a spacious and comfortable seating arrangement capable of accommodating up to eight individuals. This attribute renders it a noteworthy option for both public transportation and commercial purposes. Additionally, the generous capacity of its rear cargo area facilitates the effective transportation of goods and packages, rendering it an indispensable resource for small enterprises and courier companies.

Performance and Engine Specifications

The Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba 2023 is equipped with a fuel-efficient 4-stroke, water-cooled OHC (Over Head Cam) engine, which contributes to its smooth and dependable performance. Despite its displacement of 797cc, the engine in question may not possess the highest power output. However, it effectively serves its designated purpose by delivering satisfactory acceleration and a commendable driving experience.

Safety Features

In terms of safety provisions, the Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba 2023 is outfitted with fundamental components, including front seat restraints and a robust framework engineered to effectively mitigate forces during potential accidents. Nevertheless, it is imperative to acknowledge that this particular vehicle is primarily designed for short-distance commuting and is not conducive to high-speed driving.

Price Range and Affordability

As of August 2023, the Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba is considered an affordable vehicle, with the base model priced at PKR 1,940,000, while higher-end versions are available from PKR 1,944,000. The cost-effectiveness of this option renders it a compelling choice for small organisations, entrepreneurs, and individuals seeking economical transportation solutions.


The Suzuki Bolan Carry Daba has consistently upheld its standing as a reliable and cost-effective option for business use within the Pakistani market. The Carry Daba has established a strong reputation for its dependable performance and functional design, making it a widely favoured choice for public transportation, freight distribution, and a range of small-scale enterprises. As of August 2023, the Suzuki Bolan maintains its position as a cost-effective and viable choice for consumers with varying transportation requirements, with a price range spanning from PKR 1,940,000 to PKR 1,944,000.

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