Siemens Mobility to Deliver 28 Mireo Trains for Digital Node Stuttgart

For the Digital Rail Germany (DSD) Digital Node Stuttgart pilot project, Baden-Württemberg will receive 28 three-car electric Mireo regional trains from Siemens Mobility.

The newest digital technology, such as Level 2 (GoA 2) Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and the automatic European Train Control System (ETCS), will be installed in the trains.

The Mireo units will be able to travel up steep inclines and be authorized for usage all around Austria.

Berthold Friess, the State Ministry of Transport’s director, said:

“Baden-Württemberg continues to set the bar high for railway digitalization. The 28 regional Mireo trains that have been ordered will primarily be used to maintain the most convenient and comfortable passenger operations in the state throughout the course of the next ten years as the current fleet is being upgraded with DSD technology. The second industrial partner for installing full DSD equipment in our trains is now Siemens Mobility. This will hasten Germany’s transition to a fully digital train system considerably.

Together with the State Institute for Rail Vehicles Baden-Württemberg (SFBW), a framework agreement for this order was concluded. A maintenance agreement for ten years is also included, with a 20-year extension option.

The trains will be supplied under this deal, which is worth about 300 million euros, between November 2025 and April 2026.

Albrecht Neumann, CEO of Siemens Mobility’s rolling stock division, stated:

“The Mireo will provide the state of Baden-Württemberg with a cutting-edge train that offers exceptional operational cost-effectiveness and a high degree of passenger comfort and convenience. The long-term maintenance agreement, which includes Railigent X-based digital services, also guarantees the trains’ dependable operation and high availability.

This is the first order for Siemens Mobility to provide trains with full DSD train equipment.

The new three-car regional trains will also include 218 fixed seats and complimentary Wi-Fi for passengers.

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