Schools and Universities Are Closed In Islamabad Due to Threat

Schools and universities in Islamabad are not open from January 22, 2024, to January 24, 2024, due to a security threat. This means that many educational institutions in the city are currently closed. The reason for this closure is a serious and believable threat to the safety of the people in these institutions, including teachers, students, and staff. The authorities in charge have taken this step as a precaution to make sure everyone stays safe.

Even though the specific details of the threat are not known, the decision to close the schools and universities is a way to reduce the potential risks and keep everyone secure. This closure affects various institutions and universities in specific sectors of Islamabad, such as F-6, F-7, and F-8, causing disruptions to the normal academic schedules.

Surprisingly, three important universities in Islamabad—Bahria University, Air University, and National Defence University—have been closed indefinitely due to security issues. The university administration sent notifications to students at night, informing them about the sudden shutdown. This unexpected closure might have an impact on final exams and other academic activities.

Due to security concerns, there are now increased security measures in and around schools to handle potential threats and reassure the public. Authorities are advising students and parents to stay updated through official channels about when these institutions will reopen.

Schools and Universities Are Closed In Islamabad Due to Threat

The administrations of Bahria University, Air University, and National Defence University have provided instructions for closing the schools. The university management informed students about the long-term shutdown late at night. Sources say that the sudden closure has also caused difficulties for students who were in the middle of their exams. Given the security issues, the authorities have increased security measures for education.

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