Sargodha To Bahawalpur Train Timing & Ticket Price 2024

Check the Sargodha To Bahawalpur Train Timing & Ticket Price for the year 2024 from this page. If you want to travel from Sargodha to Bahawalpur in Pakistan, taking the train is a good idea. It’s easy and lets you see cool stuff along the way. This article will tell you when the trains go and how to make your trip fun.

Sargodha To Bahawalpur Train Timing

The journey by train from Sargodha to Bahawalpur takes you across the picturesque landscapes of Punjab, showcasing vast golden fields, serene villages, and bustling towns. It is crucial to be aware of the train departure times when planning your trip, as these schedules may be subject to change. It is advisable to verify the latest information with Pakistan Railways. Trains operate both during the day and at night, providing you with the flexibility to choose a time that suits your preference. The comprehensive schedule for trains from Sargodha to Bahawalpur is detailed below for your convenience.

Train NameDeparture TimeDestination Arrival Time
Millat Express12:50 PM8:21 PM

Popular Trains:

Two trains many people like for this trip are the Bahauddin Zakariya Express and the Millat Express. They’re known for being on time and comfy.

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Sargodha To Bahawalpur Train Timing & Ticket Price 2024

Sargodha To Bahawalpur Train Ticket Price

Train NameEconomy SeatEconomy BerthA.C BusinessA.C Lower
Millat Express1250/-1300/-2250/-3200/-
Hazara Express1100/-1150/-2200/-


Riding the train from Sargodha to Bahawalpur is more than just getting from one place to another. It’s a cool adventure through Pakistan. Listen to the train sounds, enjoy the views, and get ready for a super fun trip on the tracks. Just keep an eye on the train times, and you’re good to go!

Pakistan Railway Contact Details

Company Name
Pakistan Railway
Contact Phone Number+924299201665.
Railway Postal AddressGate No 2 Empress Road, Near Haji Camp, Swami Nagar Qila Gujjar Singh, Lahore


  1. When do the trains from Sargodha to Bahawalpur run?
    • Train timings from Sargodha to Bahawalpur can change, so it’s best to check with the train people or online to know the latest times.
  2. How long does it take to go by train from Sargodha to Bahawalpur?
    • The time it takes to travel by train from Sargodha to Bahawalpur depends on the specific train. Look at the schedule to find out exactly how long it will take.
  3. Are there many trains going from Sargodha to Bahawalpur?
    • Yes, usually different trains are going from Sargodha to Bahawalpur. You can choose the one that leaves at the time you like.
  4. Where can I find the newest information about train times from Sargodha to Bahawalpur?
    • To get the most recent details about when the trains go from Sargodha to Bahawalpur, check the official Pakistan Railways website or ask at the train station.

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