Rail Traffic Suspended As Goods Train Derails Near Attock

After a crude oil container from a goods train derailed on Saturday near the Jand town of Attock, rail movement on the Jand-Attock segment was interrupted.

When the goods trains carrying crude oil containers from Mehmood Kot Muzaffargarh to Tarujabba oil refinery near Peshawar reached between Langar railway station and Chura Sharif railway station near village Dahkk, one of the oil containers derailed and crude oil splashed out on the track, according to Pakistan Railways and Rescue 1122 authorities.

After receiving information, the firefighters and Rescue 1122 crew arrived at the scene and sealed off the area. The area was sealed to prevent any adverse incidents after District Emergency Officer Attock Ali Hussain reported that the container was carrying 43,332 liters of oil and was leaking. He stated that there was no reported causality.

The railway track connecting Attock, Kohat, and Mianwali was temporarily blocked to traffic as rescue crews arrived on the scene to repair the railway track, according to railway officials.

According to the official, it took the rescue personnel some time to restart traffic because the site is in a steep and isolated area.

According to him, both passenger and freight trains were stopped at various stops while repairs and renovations were being made. In addition to stating that it would take them a few hours to restore rail traffic, the railroad officials claimed that heavy gear had moved to place the bogies back on track.

According to a Jand official, none of the train’s bogies capsized during the incident. He or she also said that a comprehensive diagram would be drawn up immediately to determine the precise reason for the disaster and evaluate the track damage.

No immediate remark could be made about the cause of the incident, according to a railway officer headquartered in Attock. He stated it might be a case of equipment malfunction or human error. An investigation has been ordered, and the inspector of railroads will visit the scene soon, according to a senior officer of the Peshawar railway division.

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