PTCL ChildLife Foundation Saving Children Through Telemedicine Facility

The collaboration between Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) and ChildLife Foundation aims to establish telecommunications services for a widespread network of over 200 telemedicine satellite and emergency centers throughout Pakistan.
The ceremony conducted at ChildLife Foundation’s Emergency Center at Civil Hospital, Karachi was headed by Zarrar Hasham Khan, Group Chief Business Solutions Officer of PTCL & Ufone 4G, and Dr. Ahson Rabbani, CEO of ChildLife Foundation. Basharat Qureshi, the Group Vice President of Enterprise at PTCL, Umar Farooqi, the Group Director of Enterprise at PTCL, Syed Ali Hussain, the General Manager of Information Technology at ChildLife Foundation, and Shahzad Zaki, the General Manager of Communications at ChildLife Foundation, were also in attendance during the event, along with several other authorities.

PTCL is offering ChildLife Foundation its advanced connection solutions, which are coupled with cutting-edge technology and managed services. During the ceremonial proceedings, Zarrar Hasham Khan, the Group Chief Business Solutions Officer of PTCL & Ufone 4G, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to establish a collaborative alliance with the ChildLife Foundation, aimed at providing assistance to the children of the nation.

PTCL, as a prominent national entity, is spearheading the nationwide initiative towards digitalization. By means of these collaborations, PTCL persists in fulfilling its pivotal function in the advancement of telecommunications infrastructure by offering inventive and secure resolutions to the healthcare sector, hence augmenting the overall societal progress of the nation.

During the event, Dr. Ahson Rabbani, CEO of ChildLife Foundation, expressed that the collaboration with PTCL represents a notable advancement in leveraging technology to address healthcare disparities in marginalized regions.

The utilization of PTCL’s communication solutions in the establishment of Telemedicine Satellite Centers has facilitated the provision of expert pediatric consultations to rural regions. This innovative approach has effectively addressed the previously existing obstacles to accessing high-quality healthcare services. The objective of ChildLife is to mitigate the impact of geographical constraints on the well-being of children.

This relationship underscores the organization’s commitment to effecting good change through the utilization of innovative approaches and the provision of easily accessible healthcare services.

PTCL and ChildLife Foundation have a strong dedication to providing exceptional emergency healthcare services to children throughout Pakistan. This agreement is indicative of the positive trajectory observed in several domains of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Security Solutions, which play a crucial role in establishing a robust digital ecosystem within Pakistan.

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