Pakistani directors form first guild to protect showbiz interests

Television, cinema, and digital directors have united to create the Directors Guild Pakistan (DGP), the nation’s first official trade organization representing directors, in a historic development for Pakistan’s entertainment sector.

After years of planning since 2016, the statement was made at an oath-taking ceremony in Karachi, marking a key milestone.

The guild’s main goal is to give Pakistani directors a single forum to express their issues and fight for their rights in the profession. Misbah Khalid is the founding president of the DGP, which is governed by a distinguished board of directors that includes Shahzad Nawaz, Rafay Rashidi, Saife Hasan, Mehreen Jabbar, and Wajahat Rauf.

The well-known Pakistani producer and director of cinema and television, Mehreen Jabbar, emphasized the significance of establishing organizations that protect the rights of all workers in the entertainment sector. She hailed the DGP’s establishment as a significant and urgently required step forward.

Actors’ and producers’ trade organizations, the Actors Collective Trust (ACT) and the United Producers Association (UPA), respectively, are currently registered in Pakistan. The Screenwriters Association of Pakistan (SWAP), an organization that represents screenwriters, has not yet been officially registered.

Wajahat Rauf emphasized the importance of speaking out for one another and resolving disputes as a group rather than alone, as this enhances the likelihood of success. He emphasized that comparable organizations exist all over the world to protect the interests of performers, authors, and directors as he expressed optimism for the creation of a directors’ guild in Pakistan.

The DGP seeks to attract sponsorships and financial support while also providing training, mentoring, and chances for international collaboration. Misbah Khalid emphasized the activities of the guild, like the Director Development Programme, which will advance the rights of directors, including fair compensation and creative freedom. Additionally, the program will offer possibilities for research and scholarships while showcasing Pakistani material around the world.

Saife Hasan emphasized the advantages the association would provide for upcoming filmmakers, who frequently struggle with issues including producer pressure, a lack of creative freedom, payment problems, and copyright issues. Directors can collectively address these concerns and have a greater impact on industry stakeholders by banding together under the guild’s platform.

Despite the DGP’s selective membership policy at the moment, its members have stated that elections will be held before the end of the year, making it possible for all Pakistani directors to band together and support the cause.

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