Pakistan Railways to shift field formations to solar power

Pakistan Railways (PR) plans to switch all of its field formations—including stations, offices, workshops, and factories—to solar power in an effort to lower rising costs and minimize losses.

The department intends to switch 99 formations, including significant train stations, nine divisional headquarters, and numerous other significant offices, to solar power during the first phase of the project. It is anticipated that this calculated action will save an estimated Rs1.8 billion in the first phase alone. An increasing number of stations, offices, and other facilities will be included in later phases.

On the other hand, the PR management has put in place a regulation that forbids its officers from using air conditioning (AC) before 11 a.m. every day due to the ongoing energy crisis and the increase in electricity bills.

PR Chairman Mazhar Ali Shah declared, “We will shift the railway network on solar power on a priority basis, as we have appointed Nespak as our consultant in this regard,” on Thursday during a meeting of the relevant authorities in this area. He declared, “We will save Rs1.8bn by shifting to solar in Phase 1.”

aims to save Rs1.8 billion by reducing costs and restricting officers’ access to air conditioning.

The PR chairman stated that 99 sites have been selected by the authorities for the first phase of solarization, with a planned capacity of 33.326 megawatts.

He emphasized that there would be no room for delays and that the project must be completed on time.

“PR and Nespak have also appointed focal persons for a proper liaison,” he continued.

The track machine rehabilitation project was then explained to the meeting attendees.

The enterprise resource planning (ERP) project steering groups were also gathered by the chairman earlier. The committee chairs were counseled by the chairman to make sure that every machine, part, and other component is registered in the ERP system. He further directed the pertinent personnel to guarantee that air conditioners are operating beginning at 11 a.m.

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