Pakistan Railways reclaims Tezgam’s control after viral dance video

In under developed country like Pakistan it is difficult to provide best facilities to the people. The population of Pakistan has been rapidly increased in past few decades which outsource the available facilities. Every Pakistani government has tried its best to provide good facilities to people to improve their standard of life.

To achieve this goal some of the departments had been handed over to some privates companies to improve their performance. In the same context 3 trains previously run by Pakistan railway had been handed over to private companies. This was done by public private partnership plan.

One of the renowned trains Tez Gam was also included in it. Unfortunately a few days back a video of transgendered who were dancing in the dinning apartment of the train went viral which caused a great humiliation to the national integrity of the country.

After spreading the news on social media the fedral minister for railways of Pakistan khawaja sad refigure took a notice of it and he ordered for high level inquiry of this unexpected incident. In his decision he ordered to reclaim the control of this train and add it again to Pakistan railways schedule.

The honorable minister has said that he will never tolerate this kind of incident which put national sovereignty on stake or become the cause of international humiliation. Moreover he said that the responsible must be brought to the court of law and will be treated accordingly.

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