Pakistan Railways Plans To Ponder Options For Train Branding

Pakistan Railway is looking forward to reflect upon the various opinions for branding a few passenger trains and subway platforms to raise maximum yield space for the department.

Minister of Pakistan Railway has also directed the involved administration to submit a new revenue model with regard to branding  of trains and platforms.

Furthermore, he said that this decision of trains and platforms branding will give a chance to the private firms to publicize their products for this purpose. It will also tackle the increasing deficit issues of Pakistan Railway.

Another important news is that the PR is planning to improve its five major  railway stations crosswise the country. This step will facilitate the passengers and it will raise more revenue for this particular department.

The main purpose to upgrade these railway platforms is to make them mercantile hubs for business activities. It will also facilitate the citizens.

The stations cover Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Faisalabad and Peshawar. The ministry said that decision was made in line with the direction ls from Mr Saad Rafique.

Such steps towards the improvement will provide facilities to the masses and will be beneficial for Pakistan Railway itself.

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