Pakistan Railway spends Rs.1862m for rehabilitation of Kotri, Khanpur track

In a remarkable effort to revitalize its aging railway infrastructure, Pakistan Railways is investing a whopping Rs. 1862.84 million in the rehabilitation of a 518-kilometer stretch between Kotri and Khanpur as part of the Immediate Track Safety Works (ITSW-I) project. This monumental undertaking underscores the commitment of Pakistan Railways’ management to enhancing the nation’s transportation network despite financial constraints. The scope of this initiative encompasses the rejuvenation of tracks, bridges, and stations, showcasing the dedication of the railway authorities to modernize the system.

Rehabilitation of Karachi Port Tracks

As part of the broader rejuvenation program, significant progress has been made in the rehabilitation of Karachi Port tracks. Over a span of 24 kilometers, 17 level crossings, and seven bridges have undergone extensive refurbishment. Additionally, essential components such as turnouts have been replaced to ensure the safety and reliability of this vital transport corridor. Notably, Railway Dry Ports at Lahore (Mughalpura), Badami Bagh, and Azakhel have also received substantial upgrades, further enhancing their operational efficiency.

Immediate Track Safety Works (ITSW-II & ITSW-III)

Under the Immediate Track Safety Works (ITSW-II & ITSW-III), Pakistan Railways is committed to rehabilitating the 456-kilometer railway track connecting Tando Adam to Khanpur. With investments totaling Rs. 4830.437 million and Rs. 4875.461 million for ITSW-II and ITSW-III, respectively, this initiative involves the replacement of aging US components within the track system. By ensuring the safety of train operations, this endeavor aims to bring a new level of reliability to Pakistan’s rail network. An approved PC-I project, valued at Rs. 4930.22 million, is set to revolutionize track machinery, guaranteeing top-notch track maintenance work quality.

Station Upgrades

Noteworthy enhancements extend to the upgrading of 11 key stations across the country. These stations include Peshawar, Hassan Abdal, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lahore, Narowal, Nankana Sahib, Raiwind, Okara, Sahiwal, and Bahawalpur, all of which have undergone transformations as part of the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) projects. These upgrades promise to elevate passenger experiences and contribute to the overall modernization of Pakistan Railways.

Main Line-I Project

A milestone in Pakistan’s railway development is the Main Line-I (ML-1) project, valued at $6.683 billion, which is being pursued through collaboration with Chinese partners. This ambitious endeavor is planned in two phases, involving four packages, to ensure the comprehensive rejuvenation of the ML-1 corridor. The undertaking holds the promise of significantly enhancing the capacity, efficiency, and reliability of Pakistan’s rail transportation network.

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