Pakistan Railway Police Register 3111 Cases In 2022

LAHORE: The Pakistan Railways Police detained 3,189 suspects after filing 3,111 complaints against people who broke the railroad and other regulations. A total of 530 cases were filed against thieves of railroad equipment, and Rs10.14 million in stolen railroad goods was recovered.

Additionally, 950 cases were filed against people who trespassed on railway property without permission, and 990 suspects were detained as a result. Land squatters had their hands on 317 acres of railway land worth Rs 9.988 billion. There were 129.8 acres of agricultural property, 168.7 acres of commercial land, and 19.18 acres of residential railway land. Similarly to that, unlawful occupiers were removed from 296 shops and 107 railroad quarters.

Additionally, 167 suspects were apprehended and approximately 167 cases against drug pushers were filed. In addition to 73 cases being filed against unlicensed hawkers on trains and platforms, a fine of Rs32,150 was levied, and during the operation, 62 kg of drugs and 45 bottles of alcohol were also recovered. About 202 judicial and police fugitives were apprehended in 2022. Similar to this, 45 suspects were also detained while 44 cases were filed against individuals who were discovered carrying illicit weapons through trains.

According to the information, 3,111 instances were reported in 2022 across the eight divisions of the Railways Police. 534 cases in this regard were reported in the Peshawar Division, 502 in Rawalpindi, 994 in Lahore, 122 in the Mughalpura workshops, 373 in Multan, 186 in Sukkur, 340 in Karachi, and 60 in the Quetta Division.

The Railways Police Help Desks, which were set up at all of the country’s major railroad stations, also worked admirably in 2022. It turned over 242 boys, 134 girls, and 22 women who ran away from home to their heirs and the welfare organisations, as well as the 57 girls and 177 boys who went missing. 2,081 travellers had lost luggage valued at approximately $10.76 million, which was given to them. Additionally, 8,979 passengers received extra amenities like stretchers, wheelchairs, and first aid. Dr. Rao Sardar Ali Khan, the IG of the Pakistan Railways Police, claims that despite having less resources, the Railways Police is doing its job well. The performance of the Railways Police will be improved in 2023 to a greater extent.

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