Pakistan Railway increases fare for all passenger trains

In light of the unprecedented surge in gasoline costs, Pakistan Railways has recently declared a significant augmentation in charges for all train services.

According to public relations officials, there has been a 10 percent rise in tickets for all passenger trains effective August 17, 2023.

In accordance with previous instructions, fares will be rounded to facilitate smoother transactions for both passengers and ticketing personnel.

The revised tariff table, containing comprehensive information regarding the modifications, will be accessible on the official website of Pakistan Railways.

When those who are making travel arrangements purchase tickets, they will observe the updated fares shown within the reservation systems.

The directive has been issued for all booking and reservation offices, as well as railway stations, to effectively implement and communicate the newly established pricing structure to passengers.

Pakistan Railways has not provided an explanation for the fare rise. However, it is widely believed that the primary determinant of the current escalation in fares is the unparalleled rise in petroleum costs.

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