Pakistan Railway Fares Increased By 8 Percent

Following the recent increase in the price of petroleum goods throughout the nation, Pakistan Railways stated on Wednesday that they will be raising rail rates.
The railway ministry increased train fares by 8% with immediate effect, according to specifics. With the exception of the Green Line, all trains and classes will see a fare hike.

A spokesman for Railways stated in a statement that the recent increase in diesel prices resulted in an additional burden of more than Rs10 million per day and that the ministry consequently decided to raise the fares.

It is important to point out that on January 29, across all of Pakistan, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar announced a 35-rupee increase in the price of gasoline and diesel per liter.

Ishaq Dar claimed during a live broadcast that the cost of gasoline goods had increased by 11% globally.

Dar also disclosed an 18 rupee per liter price hike for kerosene and light diesel.

Following the most recent price increases, the cost of gasoline will be Rs249.80, diesel will be Rs262.80, kerosene oil will be Rs189.83, and light diesel will be Rs187.

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