New railway station opens in Bristol

The inauguration of Bristol’s most recent railway station marks a significant milestone, as it is the first addition to the city’s railway infrastructure in nearly a century.

A modest gathering congregated to witness the arrival of esteemed invitees disembarking from the train originating from Bristol Temple Meads, onto the recently constructed platform at Portway Park & Ride.

The single-platform station, with a total cost of £5.8 million, is situated between the areas of Shirehampton and Avonmouth. Its primary purpose is to establish a connection between the pre-existing park-and-ride facility and the Severn Beach railway line.

The aforementioned station represents the initial phase of the West of England Combined Authority’s comprehensive efforts to improve the regional rail network as part of the MetroWest scheme, which involves significant financial investment.

The proposed plans encompass the establishment of seven additional railway stations, the restoration of previously discontinued train lines, and the improvement of cross-Bristol services.

Councillor Don Alexander, who serves as both the cabinet member for transport and the councillor for the Avonmouth & Lawrence Weston district, expressed his immense pride and satisfaction in inaugurating Bristol’s inaugural train station after a hiatus of 96 years.

The Portway Park & Ride station will provide a convenient and environmentally friendly transport alternative for both local residents and commuters.

By increasing the quantity of complimentary parking spaces available at our park and ride facility, commuters are provided with a greater range of opportunities to conveniently park their vehicles and utilise public transportation services such as trains or buses.

Marcus Jones, the Western route director of Network Rail, expressed that the inauguration of the Portway Park & Ride station signifies the most recent advancement in their endeavours to revolutionise railway transport for passengers in and around Bristol and the broader West of England region. This development will facilitate enhanced connectivity between communities served by the Severn Beach line and the newly established station.

I would like to express my gratitude to our esteemed partners for their diligent efforts and unwavering commitment. Additionally, I extend my appreciation to the surrounding community for their understanding and forbearance during the construction phase of the station. It is anticipated that individuals travelling from Bristol and its surrounding areas would have the opportunity to avail themselves of the advantages that this newly established station will offer for an extended period of time.

The implementation of the Portway Park & Ride station initiative was spearheaded by the Bristol City Council in collaboration with the West of England Combined Authority, Network Rail, GWR, and the Department for Transport.

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