Mumbai Railway Police To launch Whatsapp Group For Women Commuters

In order to enhance the security of female passengers during their local train commutes, the Government Railway Police (GRP) has made the decision to implement WhatsApp groups as a means of facilitating communication between female passengers and law enforcement authorities.

The responsibility of establishing six WhatsApp groups, titled ‘Friends in Khaki’, would be assigned to female constables from every police station, who will work as group administrators alongside Assistant Sub-Inspectors (ASIs).

It is noteworthy to acknowledge that this development occurred subsequent to a series of incidents involving sexual abuse and assault that have been brought to attention in recent months, including occurrences that transpired during daytime hours.

How will this group help women commuters?

Female travelers have the option to utilize WhatsApp groups as a means to report any challenges encountered during their domestic journeys. Users have the ability to share visual and textual content, such as images, videos, and messages, pertaining to their concerns. The Railway Police promptly respond to these submissions by taking appropriate measures to resolve the issues at hand.

Under the supervision of GRP Commissioner Ravindra Shisave, a comprehensive initiative will be implemented, entailing the establishment of 102 WhatsApp groups. These groups would be strategically formed to encompass a total of 17 railway stations, encompassing both central and western regions, all falling under the purview of GRP.

Lata Argade, President of the Tejaswini Mahila Railway Passengers Association, expressed her gratitude and emphasized the urgency for prompt action by the authorities. She further advocated for the widespread implementation of the WhatsApp group project to benefit all women commuters on local trains.

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