Microsoft Becomes One of the Rare Android Browsers With Extensions

Microsoft Edge currently has a relatively small share of about 5% in the Android web browser market. However, the company aims to increase its presence by implementing new upgrades. In its most recent update, the Edge browser for Android is incorporating support for extensions, a feature not commonly offered by its competitors.

Once this enhancement becomes available, users will have the ability to install extensions on their Edge browser, mirroring the functionality found in the desktop version. A Twitter source, known as ‘Leopeva64,’ has revealed that the feature is presently undergoing testing and is expected to be accessible to Android users shortly.

The screenshots shared by the tipster depict a variety of extensions, including uBlock Origin for ad blocking and Dark Reader, which enforces a dark mode on all websites. It is likely that there will be support for additional extensions as well.

Furthermore, the same source disclosed that the Edge browser on Android has recently received the Read Aloud feature, enabling the browser to read webpages aloud. This update also includes support for the built-in Copilot chatbot.

Microsoft Becomes One of the Rare Android Browsers With Extensions

In the mobile browser landscape, Microsoft faces a less favorable position compared to its dominance on PCs. However, the introduction of extensions has the potential to enhance the company’s standing, distinguishing it from its competitors.

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If Microsoft Edge gains popularity due to the addition of extensions, it could prompt competitors like Google Chrome and Safari to consider implementing similar features for the benefit of consumers.

It’s important to note that the extension feature is still in the testing phase and has not been officially released to all users. Microsoft is expected to make an announcement once the feature undergoes stable release. However, a specific launch date has not been provided at this time.

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