Major disruptions on Southern and Eastern lines for Auckland trains

Passengers utilizing the train services on the Southern and Eastern lines in Auckland are strongly recommended to explore alternative transportation alternatives in light of substantial interruptions.

Late this afternoon, two distinct occurrences transpired, namely a vehicular collision resulting in the impairment of a railway bridge in close proximity to Ellerslie, and a malfunction in the tracks within the Parnell tunnel.

According to Auckland Transport (AT), significant disruptions and service cancellations are currently impacting the Southern and Eastern railway lines.

According to a passenger in the vicinity of Britomart, there was a substantial number of individuals awaiting train replacement buses in the area.

According to one passenger’s account, she had been waiting for a duration of 30 minutes, while there were others who had been waiting for more than an hour.

According to a spokeswoman from AT, the rail team has successfully coordinated a restricted provision of bus replacement services, presently operating between the Britomart and Penrose stations.

Due to the recent incidents, the operational capacity of Southern line services has been limited to the stretch between Penrose and Papakura. Similarly, Eastern line services are now restricted to operating solely between Ōtāhuhu and Manukau.

AT has issued a warning stating that while services on the Western and Onehunga Lines are operational and serving all stations, there is a possibility of intermittent cancellations and delays as a result of network-wide complications.

According to the spokesman, our rail teams are collaborating with KiwiRail in order to ascertain the projected timeframe for resolving the track fault in Parnell and conducting an inspection and clearance of the rail bridge in Ellerslie.

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