Lodhran To Karachi Train Timing Schedule & Ticket Price 2024

Check the online Lodhran To Karachi Train Timing Schedule from here. Check the Ticket Price for the year 2024 from here. The vast network of Pakistan Railways links towns, cities, and regions across the nation, forming an all-encompassing web of communication. One of the significant pathways within this extensive network is the journey from Lodhran to Karachi Cantonment. This particular route covers a variety of landscapes and represents the rich cultural tapestry of Pakistan. It is important for those opting to embark on this journey to have a clear understanding of the train timetable and the associated expenses for tickets. Let’s look more closely at these specifics.

Lodhran To Karachi Train Timing

There are a number of alternatives available to passengers on the Lodhran Junction to Karachi Cantonment train itinerary, each having its own departure time, length of trip, and amenities. Based on the latest data, the following is a summary of the itinerary:

Train NameDeparture Time Arrival TimeTravel Duration
Awam Express02:2419:1016 hours 10 minutes
Bahauddin Zakaria Express17:2808:3015 hours
Fareed Express15:4207:0015 hours 45 minutes
Hazara Express08:1623:3014 hours 20 minutes
Khyber Mail15:0605:1513 hours 25 minutes
Millat Express20:3510:3512 hours 50 minutes
Sindh Express08:4323:2014 hours 58 minutes

Lodhran To Karachi Trains List

  1. Awam Express
  2. Bahauddin Zakaria Express
  3. Fareed Express
  4. Hazara Express
  5. Khyber Mail
  6. Millat Express
  7. Sindh Express

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Lodhran To Karachi Train Online Ticket Booking

Because this route is so popular, especially during the busiest travel seasons, reservations for tickets should be made well in advance. By taking this step, you may be confident that you’ll get your desired class and time slot, making your trip easier and more convenient.

Lodhran To Karachi Train Timing Schedule & Ticket Price 2024

Lodhran To Karachi Train Ticket Price

Train NameEconomy SeatEconomy BirthA.C BusinessA.C StandardA.C Sleeper
Awam Express1750 Rs.1950 Rs.3550 Rs.
Bahauddin Zakaria Express1750 Rs.2150 Rs.4400 Rs.3050 Rs.
Fareed Express1850 Rs.1750 Rs.5250 Rs.4350 Rs.
Hazara Express1450 Rs.1950 Rs.3050 Rs.
Khyber Mail1550 Rs.1880 Rs.4400 Rs.3050 Rs.6250 Rs.
Millat Express1650 Rs.1890 Rs.4450 Rs.3050 Rs.
Sindh Express1950 Rs.1820 Rs.5250 Rs.4350 Rs.

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