Lahore To Peshawar Train Ticket Price 2024

Check online Lahore To Peshawar Train Ticket Price from here. Here Economy class, AC Business, and AC sleeper fare details are available. There are a total of three trains that travel from Lahore to Peshawar. The name of these trains is Awam Express, Khyber Mail & Jaffar Express.

Awami Express’s full fare ticket price for economy class seats is Rupees. 500/-. While economy class birth costs 550/. Jaffar Express Ac Business class ticket price is 2750 rupees The economy birth ticket price for Jaffar Express is 1650 rupees. The Khyber Mail Ac business class fare from Lahore to Peshawar is 2600 rupees. Whereas Ac Sleeper price tickets from Peshawar to Lahore for Khyber mail train are 3750 rupees.

Lahore To Peshawar Train Ticket Price 2024

Lahore To Peshawar Train Ticket Price

Train NameEconomy SeatEconomy BirthA.C BusinessA.C StandardA.C Sleeper
Awam Express1950/-1800/-2950/-
Jaffar Express1500/-1650/-2750/-2950/-4200/-
Khyber Mail1950/-1800/-2600/-2950/-3750/-

Awam Express Lahore To Peshawar Fare

The cost of a ticket for the economy seat on the Awam Express, which travels from Lahore to Peshawar, is 1950 rupees. If you prefer the Ac standard class on the Awam Express for the same journey, the fare is 2950 rupees. This means that if you choose to sit in the economy section, you will need to pay 1950 rupees, while opting for the more comfortable Ac standard class will require a payment of 2950 rupees. Therefore, depending on your budget and preferences, you have the option to select either the more affordable economy seat or the upgraded Ac standard class for a slightly higher cost.

Jaffar Express Lahore To Peshawar Fare

The Jaffar express fare from Lahore to Peshawar for the economy seat is 1550 rupees. While the Ac sleeper class of Jaffar express fare is 4200 rupees from Lahore to Peshawar.

Lahore To Peshawar Trains Departure Time:

Train NameDeparture time
Awam Express6:25 AM
Khyber Mail7:20 PM
Jaffar Express8:00 AM

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