Knife attack injured three at major Paris railway station

On Saturday, there was a knife attack at a big train station in Paris called Gare de Lyon. The police said that three people got hurt, but they caught the person who did it.

The man who attacked people is from Mali. He started stabbing people at around 7:35 in the morning at the station, where trains go to different places in France, Switzerland, and Italy.

One person got seriously hurt in the stomach, and two others got minor injuries, according to the police.

At this time, they don’t think it was a terrorist attack. They are investigating what happened. Some sources say the man might be homeless and have mental health problems.

The police found a knife and a hammer that the attacker might have used. He didn’t say anything religious while attacking. He showed the police an Italian driver’s license with his birthdate as January 1, 1992.

People nearby stopped the attacker before the railway police got there. The Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, thanked those who stopped the attacker.

Knife attack injured three at major Paris railway station

They don’t know why the attacker did this. The authorities are looking into the incident. The national anti-terrorist prosecutor is also keeping an eye on the situation.

This happened less than six months before the 2024 Olympics in Paris, where many people are expected to visit. Gare de Lyon is a very busy train station with over 100 million passengers each year.

For now, some parts of the train station are closed, and train services in the Paris region are delayed. The railway operator, SNCF, mentioned an “act of criminal intent.”

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