Indian Railways to modernize Ahmedabad Railway station

Ahmedabad draws a sizable influx of tourists and travellers due to its heritage status and status as a major business centre of the country. Congestion problems have resulted from the current railway station’s inability to handle the traffic.

The Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) successfully wrapped up the pre-bid meeting for the redevelopment of the Ahmedabad railway station on Monday in an effort to address this issue and improve the city’s transport and tourism services.

The ambitious project intends to transform the current station into a top-notch transportation hub with up-to-date amenities and visitor entertainment alternatives. When it is finished, the new Ahmedabad train station will have a sizable roof plaza with a variety of passenger amenities.

Travellers will benefit from and enjoy the inclusion of retail places, cafeterias, and recreational areas. The station will seamlessly connect the two sections of the city by spanning both sides of the train tracks. The updated station will also have a snack court, a relaxing waiting space, special play areas for kids, and a section exhibiting regional goods.

Passenger comfort will be a top priority, with adequate lighting, clear signage, and simple access made possible by lifts and escalators. A well-designed master plan will guarantee easy traffic flow and lots of parking.

Ved Parkash Dudeja, vice chairman of the RLDA, stated that “the redevelopment of Ahmedabad station is among our flagship projects, which will integrate different modes of transport such as high-speed, metro, BRT, railways, etc., while preserving the city’s heritage structures.”

The historic Sun Temple will serve as inspiration for the station’s design, which will add a sense of grandeur and cultural significance. Visitors may expect to enjoy the majestic arch, which is evocative of the Modhera Sun Temple, and the two recognisable towers on either side.

The pre-bid meeting, which featured well-known construction companies including L&T, NCC Ltd, GR Infra, Dilip Buildcon, PSP Projects, AFCONS, KEC International, Thoth Infrastructure Ltd, IRCON, and others, was successfully ended by the RLDA on Monday.

The anticipated cost of the rebuilding of the Ahmedabad station is Rs 2,563 crore, and it will be carried out using the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) method. The technical opening of e-bids is scheduled for September 8, 2023, at 15:30 hrs. The deadline for submitting an e-bid is set for September 5, 2023, until 15:00 hrs.

With this large-scale project in the works, Ahmedabad’s train station is about to go through a stunning change that promises to improve the city’s transport system and give all of its visitors and inhabitants access to a first-rate experience.

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