How To Record Calls On iPhone

There are defined lawful options for recording iPhone calls. While it’s reassuring that Apple cares about user privacy, the company’s commitments make call recording difficult.

Microphone and Phone apps:

You might think there was an iOS app for this, but Apple restricts third-party apps from accessing the Microphone and Phone apps. However, some apps and services offer workarounds to this boundary, allowing you to become an expert in mobile wiretapping.

Voice Memos App:

Make sure you have an iPhone and another iOS device with the Voice Memos app installed. An iPad or another iPhone. Voice Memos comes preinstalled on most devices, or you can download it for free from the App Store. This app can record phone conversations.

Things to do:

Before recording a call, preview the file to make sure you can hear the audio and make any compulsory adjustments. If the sound quality is poor, you may need to speak louder, increase the microphone acuity, or move the speaker closer to your mouth. Alternatively, you can record conversations using the Rev Call Recorder app, which is also available as a free download from the App Store. Rev Call Recorder solves the recording problem by joining a three-way call as a third participant.

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