Honda CD 70 Price in Pakistan August 2023

In Pakistan, the Honda CD 70 has a long history of being a popular motorcycle that is well-known for its dependability, affordability, and efficiency. As August 2023 approaches, purchasers and motorbike lovers are anxiously awaiting any updates on the cost of this cherished two-wheeler. In this post, we’ll examine the factors that influence prices and speculate on how much the Honda CD 70 might cost in August 2023.

The Honda CD 70 was priced at PKR 154,900 in July 2023, however, market trends and other economic reasons frequently affect car prices.

Exchange Rates and Imports

The motorcycle’s pricing is also affected by the exchange rate. Due to Pakistan’s economy’s reliance on imports, any changes in the currency rate may have a major influence on the price of imported parts. Given that the Honda CD 70 is produced outside of Pakistan, any decline in the value of the Pakistani rupee relative to other currencies could result in a price increase to cover increased import expenses.

Supply Chain Disruptions

The worldwide pandemic and its aftereffects continue to impact a number of businesses, including the production of automobiles. Problems with the supply chain, such as delays in ordering materials or logistical difficulties, can reduce production efficiency and raise costs. Any obstacles that the Honda CD 70’s supply chain encounters could lead to a potential price rise.

Demand-Supply Dynamics

The balance between supply and demand may also have an impact on Honda CD 70 pricing. Manufacturers frequently raise prices in response to high demand in order to capitalise on consumer interest. However, manufacturers might rethink their pricing approach if demand declines as a result of circumstances like an economic slowdown or the appearance of a competing alternative.

Government Policies

The final price of motorcycles in Pakistan is significantly influenced by government regulations and taxes. The retail price may immediately increase or decrease as a result of changes in taxation regulations. It’s critical to follow any developments from the government that might have an impact on how much a Honda CD 70 will cost to own.


The Honda CD 70 is now available at PKR 154,900, however many factors that affect the motorcycle market could cause price fluctuations in August 2023. The final cost of the cherished two-wheeler is affected by economic considerations, supply chain problems, exchange rates, and governmental regulations. To stay up to date with any pricing changes for the Honda CD 70, prospective buyers and motorcycle fans should closely monitor market updates and announcements from Honda Pakistan. The Honda CD 70 continues to represent dependability and affordability in the Pakistani motorcycle industry, therefore its popularity is unlikely to decline regardless of price changes.

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