FBISE 9th and 10th Class Date Sheet 2024 Check Online

FBISE 9th and 10th Class Date Sheet 2024 is announced by the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education authorities. The Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (FBISE) has recently revealed the examination schedule for the 9th and 10th classes for the year 2024. The announcement was made on February 11, 2024. As per the Matric Date Sheet 2024, the commencement of the first English paper is set for March 1, 2024. The Federal Board has thoughtfully shared the 9th class exam date, marking the initiation of exams in March 2024. This official information was disclosed a month before the final exams, aiming to update and guide the students who eagerly anticipated this crucial information.

The unveiling of the 9th class date sheet is a significant step, allowing students sufficient time to prepare for the annual examinations. The date sheet not only discloses the examination dates but also provides other essential information about the exams. The timely release of this schedule is imperative to enable students to organize their study plans effectively and gear up for the upcoming exams.

FBISE 9th and 10th Class Date Sheet 2024

The Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (FBISE) is set to release the date sheet for the 9th and 10th classes on the 11th of February 2024. This announcement provides the exam dates specifically for 9th-grade students. According to the official statement, the exams are scheduled to commence in March 2024. Students eagerly anticipating the 9th-grade date sheet for the 2024 Federal Board were informed about the exam date a month before the final examination. The purpose behind releasing the date sheet in advance is to enable students to adequately prepare for the upcoming annual exams. The date sheet contains comprehensive information regarding the examination schedule.


FBISE 9th and 10th Class Date Sheet 2024 Check Online

Federal Board Matric Date Sheet 2024

TitleFederal Board Date Sheet
Date Sheet Issued on11 February 2024
FBISE Paper Start from1 March 2024
Class Name9th and 10th
FBISE Date SheetCheck Online

FBISE Matric Date Sheet 2024

1-Mar-24English Compulsory-I (001English Compulsory-I (HIC) (201)
2-Mar-24Mathematics General II (614)Mathematics-II (HIC)(710)
4-Mar-24Urdu Compulsory –I (002)Urdu Compulsory –I (HIC)(202)

5-Mar-241. Cosmetology (Hair and Beauty Services)-II (621)2. Introduction to Tourism-II (623)

3. Applied Electrician-II (625)

4. Applied Electrician-II (HIC) (825)

5. Professional Cooking-II (630)

6. Graphic Designing-II (633)

7. Plumbing and Solar Water Heating System(I)-II(635)

8. Dress Making-II (639)

9. Dress Making-II (HIC) (839)

10. Internet of Things Software Development-II (640)

6-Mar-241. Mathematics General-I (114)2. Mathematics-I (HIC)(210)

7-Mar-24 1. General Science- II (515)

2. Computer Science-II (HIC) (751)

8-Mar-241. Cosmetology (Hair and Beauty Services)-I (121)2. Introduction to Tourism-I (123)

3. Applied Electrician-I (125)

4. Applied Electrician-I (HIC) (325)

5. Applied HVACR-I (127)

6. Professional Cooking-I (130)

7. Introduction to Hotel Management-I (132)

8. Graphic Designing-I (133)

9. Plumbing and Solar Water Heating System(I)-I (135)

10. Dress Making-I (139)

11. Dress Making-I (HIC) (339)

12. Internet of Things Hardware Development-I (141)

9-Mar-241. Pakistan Studies-II (606)2. Pakistan Studies-II (HIC)(806)
11-Mar-241. English Compulsory-II (501)2. English Compulsory-II (HIC)(701)

March 12, 20241. General Science-I (015)2. Computer Science-I (HIC) (251)
13-Mar-241. Islamiyat Compulsory-II (608)2. Islamiyat Compulsory – II (New) (618)

3. Islamiyat Compulsory-II (HIC)(808

4. Ikhlaqiyat (Ethics)-II (638)

14-Mar-241. Esthetics (Hair And Beauty Services)-I (122)2. Tourism Management-I (124)

3. Industrial Electrician-I (126)

4. Industrial Electrician -I (HIC) (326)

5. Basic of HVACR-I (128)

6. Fundamentals of Cooking-I (129)

7. Working Principle of Hotel Management-I (131)

8. Media Production-I (134)

9. Plumbing and Solar Water Heating System(II)-I(136)

10. Fashion Designing-I (137)

11. Fashion Designing-I (HIC) (337)

12. Internet of Things Software Development-I (140)

15-Mar-241. Urdu Compulsory-II (502)2. Urdu Compulsory-II (HIC)(702)
16-Mar-241. Pakistan Studies-I (106)2. Pakistan Studies-I (HIC)(306)
18-Mar-241. Islamiyat Compulsory-I (Old)(108)2. Islamiyat Compulsory-I (New)(118)

3. Islamiyat Compulsory-I (HIC)(308)

4. Ikhlaqiyat (Ethics)-I (138)

19-Mar-241. Esthetics (Hair and Beauty Services)-II (622)2. Tourism Management-II (624)

3. Industrial Electrician -II (626)

4. Fundamentals of Cooking-II (629)

5. Media Production-II (634)

6. Plumbing and Solar Water Heating System(II)-II(636)

7. Fashion Designing-II (637)

8. Internet of Things Hardware Development-II (641)

9. Industrial Electrician -II (HIC) (826)

10. Fashion Designing-II (HIC) (837)

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