Euro Rate in Pakistan Today 1 September 2023

The current interbank rate in Pakistan for the Euro to Pakistani Rupee (EUR to PKR) exchange rate is Rs. 332.70 as of the start of the business day. Additionally, this rate will change according to the market’s demand for foreign currency.

At the conclusion of the business day, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) will provide the closing interbank rate for Euro to PKR. Therefore, keep coming back to see the most recent closing exchange rate.

In contrast, the open market rate for Euro to PKR is a few rupees more than the interbank rate.

It is important to note that foreign exchange firms typically give interbank rates when purchasing a customer’s currency, including any incoming remittances.

When selling any foreign currency to customers, these forex currency dealers or banks charge a higher open market rate.

Euro to Pakistani Rupee (EUR to PKR) Rate Today

At the start of the work day on September 1, 2023, the exchange rate between the Euro and the Pakistani Rupee is Rs. 332.70. But the article will be updated with the interbank closing rate of EUR to PKR, which is given by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) at the conclusion of each working day.

The most recent EUR to PKR closing exchange rate as of today (1 September 2023) is shown in the table below, along with any appreciation or depreciation that may have occurred.

DateExchange RateChange (PKR)
1 September 2023Rs. 332.70
31 August 2023Rs. 332.70

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