Dollar Rate in Pakistan 1 August 2023 | USD To PKR

According to data given by the State Bank of Pakistan, the open market exchange rate for 1 USD is now equal to PKR 285.50 in Pakistan. The open market, interbank exchanges, and currency exchanges all have different buying and selling rates for the conversion of one dollar to a Pakistani rupee. The cost of a dollar in Pakistan has increased by Rs. 1.35 from yesterday to today.

According to the State Bank of Pakistan, this is the exchange rate for the US dollar on the open market in Pakistan as of August 1, 2023.

View the Pakistani Interbank US Dollar Rate History in the table below.

Interbank US Dollar Rate History

1 August 2023286.85289.00
31 July 2023285.50288.00
30 July 2023285.21288.00
29 July 2023285.31288.00
28 July 2023287.50290.02
27 July 2023287.38290.00
26 July 2023288.22291.00
25 July 2023287.50290.00
24 July 2023286.73289.00
23 July 2023289.50292.50
22 July 2023286.57289.00

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