Cyclone Biparjoy: Western Railway Cancels 67 Trains In Gujarat India

Cyclone Biparjoy: Western Railway Cancels 67 Trains In Gujarat India

Cyclone Biparjoy, which is expected to make landfall in Gujarat on Thursday, has caused the cancellation of 67 trains overall, according to CPRO Western Railway on Monday.

Western Railway has made the precautionary decision to fully halt 67 train operations in its cyclone-prone locations in light of the ‘Biparjoy’ cyclone in Gujarat. Additionally, Western Railway said that it was taking a number of safety and security-related measures for train passengers in these probable jurisdiction-affected locations.

On Sunday, the Gujarati beaches around the Saurashtra and Kutch rivers received an amber weather alert due to cyclones.

In light of the approaching storm Biparjoy, Indian Coast Guard ships are reportedly patrolling the waters off the Gujarati coast.

In response to the approaching Cyclone Biparjoy, the Indian Coast Guard has taken all necessary precautions, according to Deputy Director General (Ops) Manish Pathak on Monday.

All precautions have been taken by the Indian Coast Guard. The west coast of India is currently under a fishing prohibition from June 1 to July 31, although we have alerted every fisherman. Smaller country boats, however, that were at sea, have been herded back, according to DDG Pathak, speaking to ANI.

Today’s high-level meeting was presided over by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and was intended to assess Gujarat’s and the Centre’s readiness to handle any situation brought on by Cyclone Biparjoy.

In accordance with the official statement, the Prime Minister instructed senior officers to take all feasible steps to ensure that the State Government safely evacuates residents of vulnerable areas and to maintain all essential services such as power, telecommunications, health, drinking water, etc. and ensure that they are restored right away in the event of damages caused to them.

Additionally, on Monday, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba presided over the National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) and examined how the Gujarati government and central ministries/agencies were prepared for the impending storm “Biparjoy” that was headed towards the Arabian Sea.

Mr. Gauba emphasized the importance of taking preventive and precautionary steps by the Gujarati government officials as well as concerned Central agencies, as well as making sure that residents of sensitive locations are evacuated as soon as possible.

The goal should be to prevent any fatalities and to limit damage to property and infrastructure, such as power and telecom, and in the event that damage occurs, it must be repaired as soon as possible, according to Cabinet Secretary Mr. Gauba, who was reviewing the preparedness measures taken by the Central Agencies and the Government of Gujarat.

Assuring that residents of susceptible locations are evacuated well in advance of the cyclone’s landfall, the cabinet secretary advised calling back fishermen who were out at sea.

The Gujarati government was also given the assurance that all central government agencies were prepared to offer support.

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