Bahawalpur To Nawabshah Train Timing & Train Ticket Price 2024

Check the online Bahawalpur To Nawabshah Train Timing & Train Ticket Price for the year 2024 from this page. Traveling by train from Bahawalpur to Nawabshah? Planning your trip just got easier with the updated train schedules and ticket prices. Whether you have a limited budget or want a more comfortable journey, this guide provides essential information for your travel.

Bahawalpur To Nawabshah Train Timing:

The train timing for 2024 is mentioned below.

Train NameDeparture TimeDestination Arrival Time
Allama Iqbal Express7:10 PM3:15 AM
Awam Express2:39 AM12:50 PM
B.Z Express5:50 PM2:20 AM
Karachi Express11:30 PM6:52 AM
Hazara Express12:44 PM8:17 PM
Khyber Mail3:55 PM12:47 AM
Millat Express8:25 PM4:05 AM
Rehman Baba Exp8:50 PM5:00 AM
Pak Business Express9:20 PM4:38 AM
Shah Hussain Exp12:44 PM8:17 PM
Shalimar Express3:55 PM12:47 AM
Tezgam8:50 PM5:00 AM

Train Ticket Prices:

The cost of tickets for different classes on various trains from Bahawalpur To Nawabshah are listed below.

Faisalabad To Abdul Hakeem Train Ticket Price

Train NameEconomy SeatEconomy BerthA.C BusinessA.C StandardA.C Sleeper
Allama Iqbal Express1650/-1750/-
Awam Express1650/-1750/-3000/-
B.Z Express1650/-1750/-4050/-3000/-
Karachi Express1500/-1600/-3300/-2400/-4600/-
Hazara Express1650/-1750/-3000/-
Khyber Mail1650/-1750/-4050/-3000/-5700/-
Millat Express1650/-1750/-4050/-3000/-
Rehman Baba Exp1650/-1750/-4050/-3000/-
Pak Business Express2050/-2150/-4300/-3100/-6100/-
Shah Hussain Exp1500/-1600/-3300/-
Shalimar Express1650/-1750/-4050/-3000/-5700/-

Bahawalpur To Nawabshah Train Timing & Train Ticket Price 2024


  1. What are the ticket prices for Bahawalpur to Nawabshah trains?
    • Ticket prices vary depending on the train and class. Refer to the provided table for detailed information.
  2. When does the first train, Allama Iqbal Express, depart from Bahawalpur?
    • The Allama Iqbal Express departs at 7:10 PM from Bahawalpur.
  3. Is there a luxury option available for the journey?
    • Yes, trains like Tezgam and Pak Business Express offer A.C Business and A.C Sleeper classes for a more comfortable travel experience.
  4. How can I plan my journey efficiently?
    • Review the train timings and ticket prices provided in the guide to choose the most suitable option for your budget and schedule.

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