Awam Express Gujrat To Okara Fare Ticket Price 2023

This inquiry pertains to the fare table and ticket prices of the Awam Express train operated by Pakistan Railway, specifically for the route between Gujrat Railway Station and Okara Railway Station in Pakistan. The Awam Express trains operate on a route that spans from Karachi to Peshawar, with additional stops at Gujrat and Okara.The present inquiry pertains to the tariff and ticket prices of various classes on the Awami Express train for the journey from Okara to Gujrat.

The Awam Express provides daily transport services between the cities of Gujrat and Okara. This inquiry pertains to the fare details of the Awam Express train for several passenger categories, namely adults, disabled individuals, senior citizens, and children. Specifically, the fare information is sought for a journey from Gujrat Railway Station to Okara Railway Station, as per the most recent fare table provided by Pakistan Railway. The full fare ticket prices for the Awami Express in the economy class are Rs. 350/- for a seat and Rs. 400/- for a berth. Additionally, there is an air-conditioned class available.

This inquiry pertains to the availability and pricing of various ticket types for a train journey from Gujarat railway station to Okara. The ticket options include a Business seat ticket, an A.C Standard ticket, an A.C Lower ticket priced at Rs. 700/-, and an A.C Sleeper ticket. The request seeks a detailed timetable for the A.C Sleeper service.

Gujrat To Okara Station Awami Express Train Ticket Price

Economy SeatEconomy BirthA.C Lower

The fare table for the Pakistani railway system provides information regarding the ticket prices for the 13 Up and 14 Down Awam Express train, which operates between Gujrat station and Okara railway station in Pakistan. Please provide comprehensive and detailed information regarding the ticket rate and full price details for Awam Express trains.

The pricing structure encompasses many classes of accommodation, including Economy Class, AC Business, AC Standard, First Class Sleeper, AC Parlour, and Air-conditioned cabins. The request is to reduce the cost of tickets for travel from Gujrat to Okara. The fare information for Awam Express has been diligently collected from credible sources.

However, it is important to acknowledge the potential for human error, hence these details should be regarded as general in nature. Kindly make contact with the local train ticket office in order to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the fare.

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