Attock Passenger Train Timings Fare Stops 2024

Check online Attock Passenger Train Timings from here. Attock Passenger is Known as the fastest train running from Mari Indus and Attock. Pakistan Railways is the current owner and operator of Attock Passenger.

Attock Passenger Train Timings:

The typical duration it takes for individuals traveling from Mali Indus to Attock on the Attock Passenger train is approximately 4 hours and 26 minutes. The Attock Passenger train typically reaches the Karachi Cantt station at 15:15 and departs from the Sialkot Junction at 07:45. This means that passengers on this journey can expect to spend a bit over four and a half hours traveling from Mali Indus to Attock. The train makes stops at various stations along the way, allowing passengers to board and disembark at different points during the trip.


Jhalar, Sulaimanabad, Basal Jn, Domel, Nammal, Chur Sharif (stop), Langar, Jand Jn, Uchhri, Via Attock Passenger Mari Indus to Attock 201 Up and Attock to Mari Indus 202 Down according to Pakistan Railways train numbers. About Jamat, Chub. , Khatakabad, Injra, Makhad Road, Sohan Bridge, Massan, Daud Khel. Attock Passenger 201 Up has 17 stops and Attock Passenger 202 DN has 17 stops.


The ticket price from Attock Passenger Mari Indus to Attock is Rs. 1450/- in economy class. The Ac standard class costs rupees 2200 from Mari Indus to Attock. While the Ac sleeper class costs rupees 2800 from Mari Indus to Attock.

Attock Passenger Train Timings Fare Stops 2024


Attock passengers only have economy class. Speaking of Attock coach amenities, it is very impressive that Attock coaches offer quiet sleeping quarters and separate seating areas. If you want to get drenched, you can turn the soaking passenger seat into a sleeping pad. Attock Passenger’s dining and catering environment is purely hygienic, and Attock Passenger also has a local grocery store.

Attock Express Passenger Train Timings:

Stop NameArrival TimeDeparture Time
Mari IndusStart03:00
Daud Khel Jn03:1803:30
Makhad Road04:1804:20
Jand Jn05:4105:44
Chur Sharif (Halt)06:0506:08
Basal Jn06:3606:39
Attock City Jn07:40End

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