Asian Development Bank ADB Internship Program for 2024

The ADB Internship Programme is a competitive initiative especially created for ambitious undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about making a difference in the region. Through mentorship and training, the programme seeks to provide interns with a thorough grasp of ADB’s programmes, operations, and policies while fostering their professional development.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate eligibility for the ADB Internship Programme is based on meeting certain requirements. They must have either just earned their bachelor’s degree or be enrolled in a master’s or doctoral programme. Candidates must also have exemplary academic records, great research and analytical abilities, and a genuine interest in disciplines related to the work of ADB, such as economics, finance, public administration, engineering, or environmental studies.

Duration and Location

From June to August 2024, there will be 10 weeks of the ADB Internship Programme. The ADB’s Manila, Philippines, headquarters or any of its regional field offices spread around Asia and the Pacific will be the interns’ primary location. This gives interns a comprehensive understanding of the many cultures, economics, and development concerns in the area.

Benefits of the Internship Program

To guarantee a comfortable and rewarding experience throughout the programme, selected interns will receive a salary, airfare, and housing allowance. The ADB also offers complete health and accident insurance protection. Additionally, interns will have access to a variety of educational activities, such as conferences, workshops, and networking events where they may speak with professionals and subject-matter experts.

Internship Assignments

Based on their educational backgrounds and career aspirations, individuals participating in the internship will be placed in different departments and divisions within the Asian Development Bank (ADB). During the internship, they will collaborate closely with experienced professionals who are actively involved in ongoing projects. Their responsibilities will include conducting research, analyzing data, and contributing to the development of policies. By applying their academic knowledge in a hands-on manner, interns play a vital role in supporting the ADB’s mission to eliminate poverty and promote sustainable development. This practical experience enables interns to actively contribute to the achievement of the organization’s overarching goals.

Mentorship and Support

The ADB offers advice and support to interns at every stage of their experience because it understands the value of mentoring. Each intern will be matched with a mentor who can help with career assistance, feedback, and suggestions. In order to ensure that interns have a thorough understanding of the development industry, this mentorship programme strives to promote interns’ personal and professional progress.

Application Process and Timeline

Candidates may submit an application for the ADB Internship Programme via the authorised application portal or the official ADB website. Normally, applications are accepted from September through November. Prior to making the final decision, shortlisted candidates will go through interviews and evaluations. By April 2024, those who are chosen will be contacted.


Young professionals have a special chance through the ADB Internship Programme to support regional development in the Asia-Pacific. A successful career in international development can be attained by interns who take part in this fully sponsored programme because they learn important skills, widen their networks, and gain experiences. The Internship Programme serves as a stepping stone for ambitious change-makers since the ADB is committed to investing in the next generation of leaders.

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