8 killed 4 injured after freight train crashes into truck in Thailand

According to the railway administration of Thailand, a collision between a freight train and a pick-up truck attempting to traverse the rails in central Thailand resulted in the unfortunate demise of a minimum of eight individuals on Friday.

As per an official statement issued by the State Railway of Thailand, the incident transpired on Thursday at approximately 2:20 am (1920 GMT) at an unauthorized intersection located in the eastern province of Chachoengsao.

According to the assertion, the train operator sounded the horn while approaching the intersection, yet was unable to halt the train in a timely manner, resulting in a collision with the fish-laden truck.

According to the statement, the train operator adhered to the established procedure by activating the alarm on three occasions. However, due to the locomotive’s near proximity to the incident, the driver encountered challenges in halting the train promptly.

The accident resulted in the unfortunate demise of a total of eight individuals, consisting of five males and three females. An additional four individuals sustained injuries, with one of them currently hospitalized in a severe condition.

According to the account provided by a survivor who is 20 years of age, they exited the pick-up truck shortly before the collision occurred. The survivor expressed their belief that the vehicle had the potential to successfully traverse the crossing but then observed the train’s proximity at a distance of only a few meters.

Thailand is frequently ranked as having some of the most dangerous roads globally, characterized by a high incidence of fatal accidents. Contributing factors to this alarming trend include speeding, intoxicated driving, and inadequate law enforcement.

In October 2020, a tragic incident occurred as a goods train collided with a bus transporting individuals to a religious ceremony, resulting in the unfortunate loss of 18 lives.

According to the local governor, an illicit fireworks warehouse in southern Thailand was obliterated by a powerful explosion last week, resulting in a minimum of 10 fatalities.

The explosion that transpired in the hamlet of Sungai Kolok on Saturday afternoon is believed to have been the result of welding activities conducted during the construction of the structure.

The aftermath of the explosion necessitated the intervention of rescue teams, who had the task of excavating the debris. This catastrophic event resulted in over 100 individuals sustaining injuries, while other residences suffered extensive damage, leaving only contorted metal beams as remnants.

According to Police Major General Chalermporn Khamkhiew, the provincial commander, the delivery of firecrackers occurred soon prior to the detonation.

The speaker stated that an investigation is being conducted to determine the legality of the transportation of the firecrackers.

According to the speaker, there is currently no evidence of a license being issued for the possession or selling of firecrackers.

It is postulated that the factory lacks valid licensing.

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