Pakistan Single Window PSW Jobs 2023

Are you currently seeking stimulating employment prospects within the information technology industry in Pakistan? There is no need to search any further. The Pakistan Single Window (PSW) has recently publicized a multitude of employment opportunities in Karachi, Sindh. This is a potential avenue for individuals seeking to establish a rewarding professional trajectory within the realm of Information Technology. This page aims to present comprehensive information regarding the prospective PSW employment opportunities for the year 2023. It encompasses a thorough discussion of job roles, prerequisites, perks, and the procedure for submitting applications.

Available Positions

  1. Systems Engineer
  2. Engineer
  3. Site Engineer
  4. Manager Change Management
  5. Analyst Software Engineer
  6. Product Owner
  7. Assistant Manager Change Management
  8. Lead Software Engineer
  9. Associate Systems Engineer Servers Storage
  10. Associate It Business Analyst
  11. Associate Software Architect
  12. System Engineer Application Management
  13. Head Of Digital Transformation Officer
  14. Data Scientist
  15. Assistant Manager Talent Acquisition Engagement
  16. Software Engineer Ux
  17. Sqa Analyst
  18. Business Analyst
  19. Principal Software Engineer
  20. Software Engineer
  21. Media Public Relations Specialist
  22. Lead Information System Auditor
  23. Social Media Specialist
  24. Communications Officer
  25. Data Analyst Ii
  26. System Analyst
  27. Software Engineer Iii
  28. Sqa Analyst Iii
  29. Deputy Manager It Ops Support
  30. Service Desk Analyst
  31. Software Support Engineer Lii
  32. Deputy Manager Od
  33. Principal Database Administrator
  34. Principal Database Developer
  35. Data Analyst Iii
  36. Data Analyst I
  37. Principal Software Engineer Ii
  38. Software Engineer Devops
  39. Software Engineer Ui
  40. Principal Data Analyst
  41. Sqa Analyst Ii
  42. Software Engineer Ii
  43. Analyst Software Engineer Devops
  44. Marketing Operations Specialist
  45. Principal Data Analyst Ii and It Business Analyst

Job Requirements

In order to be considered for the aforementioned roles, applicants are required to possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in an area that is pertinent to the position. The requisite level of experience is subject to variation depending on the specific role, although typically a minimum of two years of experience is expected. Candidates applying for specific job responsibilities, such as Software Engineers, Data Analysts, and IT Business Analysts, are required to possess the necessary expertise and abilities that are directly applicable to the respective positions.

Benefits of Working at PSW

Employment at Pakistan Single Window (PSW) presents numerous advantages that render it a compelling prospect for individuals seeking employment within the information technology (IT) sector. Several notable advantages encompass:

Competitive Salary Packages: PSW provides its employees with competitive wage packages, so ensuring that their diligent efforts and commitment are duly acknowledged and compensated.

Learning and Development Opportunities:  The organization known as PSW promotes a culture of ongoing education and offers its employees several avenues for improving their abilities and expanding their knowledge bases, such as participation in training programs and workshops.

Professional Growth: The organization provides a favorable atmosphere for the development of professional skills, enabling personnel to progress in their respective career paths.

Work-Life Balance: The organization places a high priority on achieving a harmonious equilibrium between work and personal life, and endeavors to foster a workplace environment that is nurturing and encouraging.

Collaborative Environment: The employees have the opportunity to work in an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation, with a strong emphasis on promoting cooperation.

How to Apply for PSW New Jobs

In order to pursue employment opportunities as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) in Karachi, individuals who are interested are required to submit their applications through the official website of the PSW at The last deadline for submitting applications is August 22, 2023. However, it is imperative to verify the specified closing date as advertised in the newspaper.

In order to enhance their prospects of securing the desired position at PSW, it is advisable for applicants to engage in a comprehensive examination of the entire advertisement and get a solid comprehension of the stipulated application prerequisites. It is imperative to ensure that all requisite paperwork and qualifications are prepared for submission.


1. Can fresh graduates apply for PSW new jobs in 2023?

Indeed, those who have just completed their undergraduate or postgraduate studies in a field that is directly applicable to the desired position are allowed to submit their applications.

2. Are these job positions open to candidates from all cities of Pakistan?

The organization, PSW, extends its invitation for applications to applicants residing in multiple places around Pakistan.

3. What is the application process for PSW new jobs?

The specific information on the application process can be found either in the advertisement published in the newspaper or in the online job posting. It is imperative to meticulously adhere to the provided guidelines in order to effectively submit an application that meets the desired criteria for success.

4. Is there any relaxation in the experience requirement for exceptional candidates?

The requisite level of experience may fluctuate across various roles, and individuals with extraordinary qualifications may be evaluated on an individual basis.

5. Can I apply for multiple job positions at PSW simultaneously?

Indeed, it is permissible to submit applications for several job jobs provided that one satisfies the eligibility requirements for each respective position.


Prepare yourself to embark on a promising and fulfilling professional journey through the utilization of Pakistan Single Window (PSW). Ensure not to overlook this valuable chance to get employed within a vibrant and creative information technology setting. To increase the likelihood of joining the PSW team, it is advisable to submit your application prior to the specified deadline.

Pakistan Single Window PSW Jobs 2023

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